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Program Executive Office Digital and Enterprise Services

PEO Digital oversees a portfolio of enterprise-wide IT services designed to provide standard IT capabilities to Sailors, Marines and their support systems. PEO Digital ensures that these services maximize value to warfighters by balancing costs with the capability delivered to the end user.

PEO Digital’s services portfolio includes:

  • Platform Application Services
  • Digital Workplace Services
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Cybersecurity and Operational Services
  • End User Services
  • Public Safety Systems
  • Department of the Navy Special IT Services

PEO Digital was established in May 2020 following the disestablishment of the Program Executive Office for Enterprise Information Systems to realize the vision of digital transformation and to optimize program alignment across the Navy and Marine Corps enterprise IT capabilities.

Platform Application Services icon

Platform Application Services

Platform Application Services (PAS) includes a set of services needed to optimally develop, deploy, run, and improve applications. We build these services once and adapt them to fulfill a multitude of use cases. PAS enables application owners to leverage secure platforms and services so that software can be deployed rapidly and securely.

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Digital Workplace Services icon

Digital Workplace Services

Digital Workplace Services (DWS) manages virtual access to data hosted across the enterprise. It includes services consumed directly by end users to optimize technology, increase productivity and utility, and to enable user output. Digital Workplace Services includes two service families –Workplace Automation and Data Analytics and Visualization.

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Infrastructure Services Icon

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services (IS) provides generic transport and communication and enterprise networking services, primarily aligned to the cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service model, in addition to supporting all the services that “make the bits and bytes move from one endpoint to another.

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Cybersecurity & Operational Services Icon

Cybersecurity & Operational Services

The Cybersecurity and Operational Services (CaOS) delivers technical solutions to manage, secure, and defend data and cyber resources; predominately via Navy and Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI), Outside Continental United States Navy Enterprise Network (ONE-Net), and Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN) capabilities and service offerings.

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End User Services Icon

End User Services

End User Services (EUS) is responsible for delivery of End Users services to include the procurement and sustainment of End User Devices (EUDs), including workspace devices (e.g. desktops, laptops and thin-client devices) and mobile devices (e.g. tablets and smartphones); delivery of print services; base image software as a service (SAAS); Client Assistance Program (CAP) Assistive Technology (AT); and software/ endpoint management. EUS also develops the standard operating system image for EUDs operating on both the Naval Enterprise Networks (NEN) and the Marine Corps Enterprise Network (MCEN) – both HW and SW, Enterprise Staging & Delivery for devices, and Enterprise Mobile Computing. The program includes the software associated with EUDs (e.g. Microsoft licenses, end-point management licenses, etc.) and the labor required to support EUD fielding and sustainment.

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Public Safety Systems Icon

Public Safety Systems

Public Safety Systems (PSS) acquires and sustains emergency management capabilities aboard United States Marine Corps (USMC) Installations, providing interoperable, secure, reliable, survivable, and versatile wireless communications networks solutions for Emergency Management communications. Additionally, PSS provides solutions to enable command and coordination dispatch functions for Marine Corps Emergency First Responders, supporting day-to-day emergency operations.

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Special IT Services icon icon

Department of the Navy Special IT Services

DON Special Information Technology Services (DSITS) is the acquisition provider for Special Access Program (SAP) and Sensitive Compartmented Information (SCI) enterprise IT services. We design, deliver, and sustain Information Technology (IT) systems and services for SCI and SAP communities. SITS include two service families – SCI IT and SAP IT Services.

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