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PEO Digital Organization and Portfolios

Technical Vision

PEO Digital moves with tenacity, speed, and agility to generate and deliver premier enterprise technologies in response to the urgent technology needs of Sailors and Marines. The burning desire to win customers with enterprise services that improve performance, security, and mobility drives bold experimentation in the relentless pursuit of Modern Service Delivery (MSD). PEO Digital prioritizes the user experience and eases IT service consumption, freeing Sailors and Marines to train and fight, instead of fighting to get the IT services they need.

Technical Vision Modern Service Delivery Chart

World-Class Alignment Metrics (WAMs)

Measure PEO offerings against world class metrics to drive faster, more impactful improvement across customer experience, acquisition performance, and alignment. The WAM initiative is aligned with industry validated best practices to measure the value of IT and partner with mission stakeholders to drive technology priorities and investments that deliver mission value.

What's being measured?

WAMs exist to draw a line between technologies and mission outcomes. At the highest level, performance is reported on five mission outcome-driven metrics (ODMs) to inform decisions on future technology investments.

Key Values

Clarity: Baseline, targets, and measurement method
Simplicity: Tailored roll up to executive, action officer, and subject matter expert level
Focus: Stabilize the metrics conversation internally and externally

WAM Maturation: What’s Next?
  • Make spend plan and priority decisions based on tangible metrics for acquisition decisions & outcomes-based contracting
  • Track progress of network resilience and customer experience by PEO activity
  • Validate impact of each individual metric to the top five mission metrics to assess correlation
  • A dedicated team equipped with automated tools
World-Class Alignment infographic

The PEO Digital Emblem


PEO Digital Emblem

PEO Digital is an integrated naval team comprised of Navy and Marine Corps employees that deliver digital and enterprise services to Sailors and Marines.

Our PEO Digital emblem reflects this naval integration through symbolic shapes and colors. The outer gold ring is a shared color of the two sea services and binds the emblem together.

The blue and red rings represent our blended Navy and Marine Corps team, united by the thin gold ring.

The center of the emblem features an eagle, globe, and anchor. The eagle and anchor are shared symbols of the two sea service emblems. The globe, which is a prominent part of the Marine Corps’ official emblem, reflects the reach of our digital and enterprise services in support of Marines and Sailors at home and abroad.

A close up of the globe reveals that the continents are made up of red and blue binary code (1’s and 0’s), which is symbolic of our mission to provide modern, secure, and effective enterprise IT services.

From left to right, the colors on the globe are red, white, and blue to replicate the official colors of “Old Glory,” with the red on the left as a nod to the Marine Corps being the senior of the two sea services. Finally, the full title of PEO Digital in the blue ring embraces our motto in the red ring: 

“Connecting Marines & Sailors Across the Globe.”

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