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Steps to engage with PEO Digital

Step 1: Familiarize
Technical Vision
Familiarize yourself with
PEO Digital

Industry Engagement Overview
Step 2: Review
Technical Vision
Review PEO Digital's Goals and
World-class Alignment Metrics (WAMs)

Goals and WAMs
Step 3: Review
World Class Alignment
Review PEO Digital's Investment
Horizons and TBM

Investment Horizons and TBM
Step 4: Identify
Strategic Planning
Identify which Office or Portfolio
aligns with your Proposed Pilot.

PEO Digital Portfolios
Step 5: Submit
Strategic Planning
Complete Stage 1 by filling out and submitting the Proposed Pilot Intake Form

Proposed Pilot Intake Form
Step 6: Feedback
World Class Alignment
You will receive email invitations to
complete Stage 2 (Lean Business Case) and Stage 3 (WAMs)


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