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PEO Digital stands up Neptune Cloud Management Office, focuses on accelerating DON Cloud journey

18 August 2023

From Michael Lewis, PEO Digital

The Program Executive Office for Digital and Enterprise Services (PEO Digital) formally designated the Neptune Cloud Management Office on June 20. Neptune is part of the Department of the Navy’s ongoing cloud transformation journey, starting with the DON Cloud Policy and continuing through the Navy Flank Speed and Marine Corps Office 365 efforts.

“Neptune will serve as the single point of entry for the acquisition and delivery of all cloud services across the Department of the Navy,” said Ruth Youngs Lew, Program Executive Officer, PEO Digital, who signed the Neptune memo. “More specifically, Neptune will manage the entire cloud portfolio, whether that cloud service offering is provided by PEO Digital, another DON Fit-for-Purpose Cloud (FPC), or a Defense Enterprise Cloud Environment (DECE) offering.”

Within the Department of Defense, Neptune will join with the cloud management offices of the other military departments like Department of the Army’s Enterprise Cloud Management Agency (ECMA) and Department of the Air Force’s Cloud One.

Louis Koplin, who serves as DON Deputy Chief Technology Officer (CTO) and acting Portfolio Manager for Platform Application Services at PEO Digital said, “In order to fulfill the requirements of the DON Cloud Policy, Neptune will support the cloud needs of all DON system and mission owners, from discovery to procurement and migration, through operations and defense, and ending with retirement.”

Neptune incorporates both Marine Corps and Navy components aligned to support respective Service mission owners. The Marine Corps component of Neptune is operational now, while the Navy component is expected to open for business by the start of fiscal year 2024 and expand capabilities and capacity over the following months.

“A key focus will be overhauling the DON’s cloud portal hosted on the Naval Digital Marketplace,” Koplin said. “This portal will provide a robust and dynamic catalog of orderable cloud services, with clear and transparent onboarding, provisioning and billing processes.”

In the coming months, Neptune will overhaul the directory of available cloud services on the cloud portal, provide a Cloud Solution Guidebook to assist engineers and architects with planning to consume those services, and publish a Cloud 101 to help customers plan their cloud journeys.

“As much as possible, we want to help mission owners understand how to pursue their needs leveraging the power of cloud-native and zero trust enterprise services – it is often better to reimagine how to execute the cloud mission in that way than to lift-and-shift a legacy application,” said John Mithun, Deputy Portfolio Manager for Platform Application Services.

“I’m excited about this important step forward, and truly believe that we will see major progress in achieving the DON Information Superiority Vision goal to securely move any information from anywhere to anywhere,” Youngs Lew said.

To visit the Naval Digital Marketplace, or for more information about Neptune and the Naval cloud portal, visit


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Originally published by CHIPS Magazine:

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