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Connecting Marines & Sailors Across The Globe

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Welcome to PEO Digital

The Program Executive Office for Digital and Enterprise Services (PEO Digital) delivers services throughout the Department of the Navy that improve performance, security, mobility, and customer experience. PEO Digital embraces business agility to ensure quality, accelerate innovation, continuously deliver value, and meet the dynamic needs of the warfighter.

Strategic Planning

PEO Digital’s strategic goals and objectives focus on developing, acquiring, and delivering premier enterprise IT services to connect Marines and Sailors across the globe.

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Technical Vision

PEO Digital prioritizes the user experience and eases IT service consumption, freeing Sailors and Marines to train and fight, instead of fighting to get the IT services they urgently need.

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World-Class Alignment Metrics
World Class Alignment

PEO Digital measure offerings against metrics to drive faster, more impactful improvement across customer experience and acquisition performance, aligned with industry validated best practices.

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PEO Digital is continuously seeking opportunities for industry engagement 
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to foster collaboration and innovation. Industry Partners interested in engaging with PEO Digital should complete a form below.

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